The Export support center provides the following services free of charge to small and medium-sized businesses in the Arkhangelsk region, producing and / or selling goods intended for export:

General Information for Exporters

Information on export procedures


Promotional Assistance

Assistance in the formation and promotion of export and relevant investment proposals, including the preparation and translation of presentations and other materials into foreign languages


Website Development

Creation and (or) modernization of a website for export-oriented small or medium-sized enterprises (SME) on the internet, containing relevant information on the goods made by it (jobs performed, services rendered), including foreign language translation



Organization of conferences, forums and other public events on export activities for SME


Reverse Business Missions

Assistance in organizing participation of export-oriented SME in interregional business missions in the event of arriving foreign entrepreneurs and potential buyers’ delegations in other territorial entity of the Russian Federation


Protection of Intellectual Property

Assistance in ensuring the protection and rights registration for intellectual activity and equated means of individualization of legal entities, goods, jobs, services and enterprises


Preparation and Examination of Contracts

Preparation and examination of export contracts upon request of SME


Finding International Partners

Assistance in finding and selecting a foreign partner, including search for potential foreign partners at the request of SME, establishing communication with potential foreign partners, including commercial correspondence, primary telephone conversations, shipment of test products, checking the business reputation of a potential partner, assistance in conducting business negotiations, examination of export contracts, consulting on logistics and customs issues


Grants and Subsidies

Assistance in obtaining services and means of support from other organizations, including developmental institutions and federal funds



Advisement on export activities, including the involvement of third-party experts


Arranging Business Meetings

Organization of meetings and negotiations with foreign business entities on the territory of the Arkhangelsk region, including provision of premises for negotiations and technical and linguistic support during such events


Participation in Exhibitions

Assistance in organizing the participation of SME in international exhibitions and congress events held both on and outside of the Russian Federation territory


Trade Missions

Assistance in organizing the participation of export-oriented SME in international trade missions, including technical and linguistic support for negotiations


Help Meeting Export Standards

Assistance in getting goods (jobs, services) to be in accordance with the requirements necessary for export of goods (jobs, services)


Market Research

Assistance in carrying out marketing research: collection, accumulation and analysis of data on the state and trends of markets, market segments and their individual participants and institutions, which are the basis for marketing and management decisions on the bringing of a particular product of SME onto the markets and may have an impact on the position of the company or its individual products in the market


Help with Electronic Bidding

Assistance in accommodating SME on international electronic trading platforms, including assistance in registering an account (account) for SME on international trading floors, as well as a monthly promotion of products of small and medium-sized businesses in the marketplace



Seminars, webinars, master classes and other informational and educational activities